Buckle up for some offroading fun! Buchan Off Road Drivers Club will be demonstrating what their range of offroad vehicles can really do. Pick up the transport to and from the castle. You can ride in one of their purpose-built challenge trucks or a near standard discovery, defender or indeed their very numble Suzuki Jimny!

Note, this is subject to last minute changes due to COVID, weather and availability restrictions

Punch Hunt / Orienteering

Kincardine Estate is home to BORDC's favourite event, the orienteering "Punch Hunt". This taster experience will take you properly off road through the woods in search for the punches and end up with some pretty spectacular views of Torphins before heading back down through the bracken to the stables (subject to weather and COVID conditions).

Trials and Training Experience

Also the Trials and Traing experience would be able to continue as a demonstration and spectators could be marshalled and retained in a safe area (subject to weather and COVID conditions).

Trials and Training Experience

In the disused quarry in the woods behind the castle you will experience our trials course incorporating the Rocky Road, Toblerone and maybe even Willie’s Drop (not for the faint hearted!). Find out why “cross axeling” is a problem and appreciate how good the suspension needs to be on the various trucks (subject to weather and COVID conditions).

Winch Challenges!

If due to COVID the Club are not permitted to carry passengers they will still be able to show off their range of vehicles and run various winch challenges at the stables. How far do you think a Landrover can tilt over before it falls over?

BORDC do this for fun ...

... there will be no additional charges, but if passengers want to make a charitable donation all monies raised on the day will be donated to Children First.

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