Making travel to The Royal Deeside Motor Show carbon neutral

Keeping emissions down is front of mind as the UK’s car industry embarks on the road to 2030 targets, so to recognising this The Royal Deeside Motor Show is working in partnership with Ecologi to offset all visitors’ carbon emissions accumulated by visiting the show.

Showgoers who want to reduce their carbon emissions will be able to contribute towards neutralising their carbon emissions on arrival to the show by simply opting into the donation platform when purchasing tickets, via the link below or by scanning the QR code on arrival. 

In return, Ecologi will donate to environmental projects all over the world, ranging from afforestation to renewable energy and emerging technology, all of the schemes are UN-approved projects, across the globe. 

“Reducing emissions is very much at the heart of the motor industry at the moment and the rapid advancement of technology is making our cars cleaner, more efficient and far better for the environment”

“As a responsible company, the show’s promoter, Etiom, recognises that any large event will have a carbon emissions impact, so the opportunity to work with Ecologi to neutralise that is a strong indication of how we are working with the car industry that we know and love to help it achieve its own goals, while helping the environment ourselves.”

 Adam Simpson , Royal Deeside Motor Show


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