Welcome to our latest blog update for this year’s Royal Deeside Motor Show 2022.

As we continue to put the finishing touches to this year’s Royal Deeside Motor Show 2022, a very boring but important item on the To Do List has not been able to be closed out, which is leading towards the cancellation of the integral Cartie Race. Quite simply, we are unable to secure sufficient insurance coverage.

Due to the popularity of cartie races (or soap box derbies as they are more commonly referred to as), particularly fuelled by the televised coverage of the Red Bull Soap Box Derby, and the gradual increase of tragic fatalities and serious injuries at other events, insurance companies have shied away from providing cover to event organisers, and if you are lucky enough to find a company that may be willing to provide cover, the conditions are so limiting, that the insurance is pretty much meaningless.

We have been fully engaged in discussions with multiple insurance companies over the past few months, as well as the Scottish Cartie Association and Soapbox & Gravity Racing UK, and it would appear that the problem that we are encountering is one experienced on a national level, with only those races operating and underpinned by local councils or round tables being able to proceed, due mainly to the insurances that those organisations hold.

So we have to accept defeat for the 2022 Cartie Race, but the story doesn’t end there. We are fully engaged with various associations and insurance underwriters to understand the main risks from their perspective and to work on ways to de-risk these, so that this sport is not lost.

We are also working on some exciting additions to the Royal Deeside Motor Show to backfill this popular attractions, so keep an eye on our website and social media for updates on this.

We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and support for the Royal Deeside Cartie Race and we can only sympathise with those that have already put so much time effort and emotion into designing and building their carties. We have not reached this decision lightly, and when it comes to our duty of care towards participants, spectators, volunteers, staff and contractors, there really was no choice in the matter.

The Cartie Race is a popular and fun addition to the Royal Deeside Motor Show, and we hope to see it return in 2023.