Coronavirus Update #2

Further to our last Coronavirus Update, we want to assure all those planning to attend the event that their wellbeing continues to be our number one priority. Etiom and the staff at Drumossie Hotel continue to monitor the situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely. 

We are taking advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), UK and Scottish Government and NHS Scotland, and whilst we note the recommendation from the Scottish Government earlier today to step up the response and restrict public gatherings of 500 in order to mitigate the demand on mass police and ambulance presence required at such events, we continue to roll out safety precautions so that those attending Scottish Self Build and Renovation 2020 (Highlands) this weekend are assured that they are attending an event that is being monitored against the best advice available so as not to contribute negatively towards the continuing  and evolving situation.

In advance of the event, and continuing our efforts to prepare people for their visit, we ask for your cooperation with the following:-

  • If you are exhibiting any of the Coronavirus symptoms as described in the link below, with respect, we ask that you do not attend this weekend;
  • On arrival at the event, please be prepared to answer some basic questions by our events team;
  • Please sanitise your hands prior to leaving your home, again when you arrive at the Venue and when you are leaving. There will be handwipes available at the Event reception and in the restrooms throughout the Venue and at the Event reception;
  • We recommend you keep tissues closeby (in your hand or pocket) in case you need to sneeze or cough. Please cover your mouth and dispose of used tissues in the nearest waste receptacle, then use the sanitising facilities in the restrooms, located within the Event area;
  • Please take steps not to make contact with others attending the event, with doors and other surfaces. We are working with the Venue to have doors secured open so that we mitigate surface contact;
  • When using the restrooms, please wash your hands with soap and water, and for at least 20 seconds.

We wish to use this opportunity to clarify that, following the announcements from the COBRA meeting earlier today and the Scottish Government, there is the desire to ensure that the timing of various preventative measures coincide with the peak of this virus, so that the effects of the virus are "flattened out". This includes the restriction of large-scale events so that the emergency services required to support such events are better utilised when this virus hits its peak. It is being emphasised that the timing of this measure is not quite yet. This is the reason that we are comfortable with the measures we are taking, and we hope that you put your trust in us to deliver an informative event to support your self-build or renovation project, whilst providing all preventative measures to ensure your best wellbeing.

If you have any queries whatsoever, feel free to get in touch with us. For more information regards Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit