1We are excited to launch RUNWAY

    RUNWAY is a new concept for the North East Hair and Beauty Awards, bring a new level of excitement to #NEHBA's line up for the celebrations on 8 December 2019 at the Chester Hotel Aberdeen! We invite groups to come forward and apply to enter RUNWAY, a competition between creative individuals and groups who exude creativity in a complete on-trend modern runway look. Explore current trends and strut your stuff on the RUNWAY, showing off your creativity and bringing your own style, from makeup, hair and outfit. Express your creative vision by styling an on-trend cut and finish, with an editorial catwalk feel. Showcase a trend-led and beautiful colour focused look. This year, the competition theme is ..... GOLD!

    To enter, all your have to do is click the link below and fill in the simple application form below. Our panel of judges will review and we will be in touch with those shortlisted to participate.

    So just some boring stuff first - the Judging Criteria!

    40% Style & Finish – Hair

    • Demonstrate ability to create a mid to long hair fashion runway look and explain the inspiration behind it.
    • Total look Styling technique and control of hair should be demonstrated.
    • Excellent finishing sk3ills of the hair must be demonstrated.
    • The use of hair extensions, pieces, padding, wefts and accessories are allowed to create the look.

    40% Application & Finish - Make-up

    • Demonstrate ability to create a fashion catwalk make-up look.
    • Creative use of colour and modern interpretation of the theme – GOLD       

    10% - Presentation

    • The presentation must include the inspiration and background behind their interpretation of the theme

    10% Overall Look 

    • Style, make-up, creative flair
    • Relevant individual vision/ interpretation/ creative personalisation.
    • Professional finish.

     2The competition will be taking place on 8th December at the Chester hotel Aberdeen. Please note that travel and costs incurred will be at the competitor's expense.

    So here are the RULES!

    1. Demonstrate creativity in a total on trend, modern, runway look.
    2. Allow creative style to follow the set theme, Cut and colour that complement each other and work in harmony.
    3. Any colouring to be completed prior to the competition
    4. Where applicable, colour work should reflect professional expertise to enhance the Demonstrate.
    5. Clothes styling complements the overall total look. Clothes, accessories, nails and overall styling to complement the overall total look
    6. Extensions hairpieces, extensions, padding, wefts and accessories are allowed to create the look. Please note, no full-head wigs are allowed. Show beautiful style and finish with the option to use hair extensions and pieces. no more than 30%
    7. The use face paints is also allowed
    8. Please note that the competitor should create their final model look on the day of the competition within the competition time limit.
    9. The competition time limit is 90 minutes. Competitors will be alerted when there is 15 minutes and then 5 minutes of the competition remaining. Competitors are expected to complete styling, finishing, clothes styling and make-up within the competition time limit.
    10. Please note, the model can be dressed.
    11. The model should be devoid of all make-up, lash extensions/false lashes can be applied prior to the competition. 
    12. The model must arrive with clean hair, as there will be no facilities for shampooing during the competition.
    13. The hair can be set in rollers prior to the competition.


    Any electrical tools MUST BE PAT TESTED (check the time frame 1 or 3 years).

    When the competition ends, each competitor will be expected to present their model and give an overview to the Judges on the finished look.

    The presentation must include the inspiration and background behind their interpretation of the theme. Please note the competitor must present from their own device or mood board. Etiom Events will not provide any additional supporting technical equipment i.e. projector, laptops etc Their presentation should give details behind the concept of the total look.



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