Clovery Woods of Rest

Fyvie, Turriff AB53 8QR

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Clovery Woods of Rest was conceived in an effort to return to nature some of the bounty it has provided for us during our lives.
At its inception Clovery Woods was nothing more than a stubble field, which had been farmed intensively for many years. The initial aims of the project have been achieved. The central part of Clovery Woods has been transformed into a young plantation of Scots Pines, Birch, Aspen and Rowan with the first five acres now in use. Clovery has a well established tree lined shelter belt, which supports an abundance of wild flowers from Spring through to Autumn.

Wild life has now taken up residence, including Skylarks, Buzzards, Kestrels, and a visiting Osprey as well as the more common birds. Already existing within the second area are two ponds and extensive tree plantings. A small stream runs through the area, which feeds both ponds and adds real character to the preserve. It is also the intention to create a walkway around the preserve with an area beside the largest pond set aside with seats for rest and reflection. When completed Clovery Woods of Rest will have provided a nature rich habitat which will benefit both the public and wild life.

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