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Etiom's web design and build services

Understanding your needs

We take the time to understand what you have, what you need and where you are trying to get to

Brainstorming and Planning

It's crucial to spend time up front planning out your new website so that we avoid the pitfalls further down the line!

Unique design and usability

Then we get to work to understand your customer's journey and structure your new website to help them

Awesome Support

And now website launch! But it doesn't end there, we can support you with your new website if you need it :)

Etiom's event creation and management services

We plan and create our own events

We host our own annual exhibitions, conferences and award dinners at a number of venues throughout Scotland, which are attended by hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors!

Backroom event resource and support

We support our clients with their own events and act as a backroom resource and support function. We love supporting our clients, providing expertise and watching their creations become a reality!

Outsourced event management

Our clients trust us to deliver their vision by outsourcing their entire event to us, which includes concept creation, event planning, event resourcing and even managing their event profit and loss!

Etiom's CRM services

We live and breath customer relationship management systems. Talk to us about how we can help you to harness the power of a properly set up CRM system. Etiom have intimate knowledge of the award-winning Zoho CRM system, allowing us to understand your requirements quickly and have a CRM system up and running in no time!

Understanding your business first

We take the time to understand what your business is all about, how you manage your contacts and how you would like to manage your business in the future.

Product demonstration

So you can understand what you may be able to achieve, we will walk you through a Zoho product demonstration and help you understand the incredible power of a CRM system.

Create your bespoke CRM System

Then we will map your business, any processes, so that you have a bespoke CRM system, designed for your business and to give you the output that you need to work effectively and efficiently.

CRM Launch and Continued Support!

And then we are into training mode, CRM launch and remote support to ensure that you amd your employees reap the rewards of a small investment required to catapault your business to the next level!

Let's talk about Modern Marketing ...

... so that we can help you sell more, to more people and more often. Here are some thoughts as to how we would like to help you

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Modern marketing has digital at its core. Technology has augmented all aspects of marketing, enabling more effective campaigns to be delivered with greater efficiency.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Finding what’s next, starts with knowing what works now. We leverage existing channels to start building better brands right away, while always putting our clients one step ahead.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

By understanding how your customers arrive at their purchase decision, it's possible to use this data to inform strategies for future customer acquisition and retention activities.

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